There are two types of zones in MythicWorld: PvP(Player vs Player) and PvE(Player vs Environment). In PvE zones, players cannot be attacked by other players unless a duel has been agreed to. In PvP zones, however, any player may be attacked by any other player, even those they are currently partied with. While both PvE and PvP zones contain dungeons and monsters, PvP zones typically have the most valuable loot because of their risky nature. The final zone is always a PvP zone.

The zones of MythicWorld Season 3 are as follows:

Central – The primary city and starting zone of the game. If you need information or are seeking to trade, buy, or sell items, it most likely happens here. 

The Goblin Ruins – A PvE beginner zone. Ancient magical temples destroyed and overrun by tribes of goblins. Clearing this area is required for passage to the [[Duke's Domain]].



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